Case Study: Kinneman Insurance

By Jason Walker | Managing Partner


Kinneman Insurance has been a staple in northern Virginia for more than two decades. With offices in business hotspots of Alexandria and McLean, it offers its customers friendly, one-on-one service helping consumers and small businesses with a variety of coverage options including auto and home, business owners’ policies and professional liability. For the agency and its staff, these towns are not only places of work but are the communities they love to serve. They are involved in the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and McLean Chamber of Commerce and support Make Kids Safe, MADD, and local food banks.


Kinneman Insurance is an award winning Nationwide agency. But in July 2020, it will transition to becoming an independent agency. This requires many changes in systems and operations, including the need to address branding across all aspects of the digital market. To ensure continued business growth, the agency needed to keep themes consistent on all platforms and to increase its search engine rankings on Google and Bing.


Using Smart Digital, our website and search engine optimization solution, we worked with Kinneman to create a website that gave the agency its own unique brand. From the photos used to even the stars in the logo, the design of the site focuses on reflecting Kinneman’s personal, friendly service. We also incorporated a News and Updates page to keep customers and potential customers informed about what is going on both at the agency and within the industry.

We assisted Kinneman with its evolution as it sought to find the right tone, style and voice to have an impact in the industry. We worked with the agency through domain switches, new agency acquisition, and a rebranding to keep their digital presence updated and consistent. We also utilized these changes to increase Kinneman’s search engine ranking.


Gin Kinneman, owner of Kinneman Insurance said, “The one thing I have been working hard on in preparation of becoming an independent agent is my agency brand. The team at Smart Harbor has been instrumental in supporting this effort. We have had numerous evolutions of our agency website. We have not only defined the agency brand together but have worked through it with a customized approach. One of my favorite features is the agency News & Update page, a brain child of my Smart Harbor analyst.

“Something else we have focused on is my agency web presence. We have claimed and exploited Google and Bing by giving our listing a unique style.

“I know that there are many website vendors, but the biggest reason that I have stayed and been committed to Smart Harbor is because they have been committed to offering me a personalized product. I did not want a cookie-cutter website. I also think that the price is fair for the value I get.”

Since Kinneman Insurance started working with Smart Harbor, it has generated an increase of 253% in organic traffic.